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Marketing Application Exercise Example 1

Marketing Application Exercise Example 1 - Dove’s ads are...

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Marketing Application Exercise Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Dove has been running a series of ads like the one below that show women of all ages, who are ordinary looking and who have a variety of body types. These women do not look at all like the ultra-thin, glamorous models that are in most ads. Dove says that it wants to redefine women’s and little girls’ ideas of what they should look like. The campaign especially encourages efforts to help little girls feel good about themselves and the way they look. These unusual images draw attention and make the target audience question their stereotypes of what makes a woman beautiful.
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Unformatted text preview: Dove’s ads are an example of the societal marketing concept, because they are promoting a worthwhile social goal while they are doing good marketing for the company. This campaign is a great way to target women who do not look like models (most of us) and who are tired of being shown images of perfect looking women. The population is aging, so more and more women will be in that target segment, and they should like this message about real beauty. As a result, they will have positive associations attached to the Dove brand. So, this example seems to me to be effective marketing for the company and the brand....
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