What and how should I study for the exams

What and how should - What should I study for MKTG 3104 exams 1 Any concept theory or analysis discussed in class is automatically important enough

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What should I study for MKTG 3104 exams? 1. Any concept, theory, or analysis discussed in class is automatically important enough to be in an exam. Not all of the lecture material is in the textbook, so be sure that you take good notes. You will find this difficult to do if you do not bring a copy of the PowerPoint slides to class. What is printed on the slides is just an outline, and not always a complete one. You will need to add notes based on the class discussion of those powerpoint slides. 2. In addition to the bolded textbook concepts, whose definitions you should know, be sure to identify the major ideas in the textbook. For example, on page 18 of your textbook the authors show that those who market can be almost any individual or organization. This is an important idea that might be in an exam question, but it does not involve a bolded term. How do you identify these major points? Be active when you read, not passive. Stop at the end of each subsection, or every few paragraphs. Ask yourself (without looking) what the big idea was in that
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