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1. The type of consumer that the Coca-Cola Company is targeting with the following products: Diet Coke: It is mainly targeting women who want to lose weight. The type of demographic segmentation is Gender Segmentation. Coke Zero: It is mainly designed for men, 18 to 34, who don’t want the sugar and calories in regular soda but don’t like the taste of artificial sweetener. They consider Diet Coke a “feminine stigma”. Also it is classified in the Gender and age segmentation of demographic segmentation. Diet Coke Plus: It is designed for consumers who are more health conscious and who desire a sweeter taste with more vitamins & minerals. It is considered as in Gender segmentation of demographic segmentation. Coca- Cola Blak: It is designed for older, more sophisticated customers willing to pay more. It is in the Age and income segmentation. Full Throttle Blue Demon: It is mainly designed to appeal Hispanic Men. Also it is classified in age , gender, and ethnic segmentation. 2. With the invention and production of Coke Zero, it influences the sales of Coke and
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