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shrek2 - 1 drag us down here"It was he who dragged me down...

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1. drag us down here 意意意 " 意意意意意意 " 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意 " 意意意意意意意意意意 " 意意意意意 " " 意意意意意意意意意意意意 "It was he who dragged me down here." 2. warm up to 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意 " 意意意意意意意意 " 意意意意意意意 "I'm afraid I don't like you." 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意 意意意意意意 "I'm afraid I 'm not quite warming up to you." 意意 F Y I =for your information a.s.a.p. 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意 " 意意意意意意意意意意意意意意意 " 意意意意意意
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