ECO-HW - 3q=1-q q=1/4 4 Kick Kicker L R G L(p 1,0 0,1 R(1-p...

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Bertha A(q) B(1-q) arthur A(p) 3,1 0,0 B(1-p) 0,0 1,3 Expected payoff: sum of payoff * prob i happens E that bertha chooses a = 1p+0*(1-p) E that bertha chooses b=0*p+3(1-p) So, 1p+0*(1-p)= 0*p+3(1-p) p=3/4 So probability that bertha chooses a E(Arthur chooses a)= 3q+0*(1-q)=3q E(Arthur chooses b)=0q+(1-q)=1-q
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Unformatted text preview: 3q=1-q q=1/4 4. Kick Kicker L R G L (p) 1,0 0,1 R(1-p) 1-p,p 1,0 E(Kicker-left)=0*pie+p(1-pie)=p(1-pie) E(Kicker-Right)=1*pie+(1-pie)*0=pie P(1-pie)=p(ks/L) Pie=p(ks/r) Pi(b-l)=q P(k-l)=pie Not scroe Probability= # of success/ Expected payoff=Prob(event 1 happening)*Payoff event 1 gives+ Prob even 2 happening* payoff event 2 gives…...
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