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alian5 - If life exists elsewhere in the universe I would...

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If life exists elsewhere in the universe, I would send a calculator to represent the human race. A calculator could be used as a “translator” to communicate by the universal language of mathematics. A calculator also symbolizes the intelligence and logical nature of our species. By opening this line of intellectual dialogue, we would importantly first convey a message of inquiry and peace. Mathematics is a language that may be understood universally, because it is pervasive in nature. I believe that everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. Use a system of only 10 symbols to attempt to communicate. Math is understood by every country in our world, while there is no world-wide written language. Thus, math is the single best language to represent our species. Mathematics is also a form of abstract thinking, as it uses symbols to represent logical processes. Through interpreting our use of mathematics, aliens would be able to have insight into the ways a human being thinks. Also mathematics
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