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JMU: You may use your personal statement to highlight special interests, talents, goals or unique experiences (500-word maximum). UVA 1. How do the possible career or professional plans you indicated on the Common Application relate to your  planned course of study? If you are applying to the College of Arts and Sciences and are undecided about your major, indicate  your general area of interest.  If you are applying to the Architecture, Commerce, Education, Engineering, or Nursing Schools, tell  us why you have chosen this field and what experiences (work, internships, etc.) have prepared you for it.  If you are applying to the Five-Year Teacher Education Program, indicate your academic major within  the College of Arts and Sciences and your intended teaching area (e.g., elementary education, secondary  education). To upload a document in response to this question, please click the 'upload' button below. If your upload is 
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Unformatted text preview: successful, you will see a 'view document' button and a 'delete' button appear next to the question. 2. Answer one of the following essay questions. Limit your response to one page. • Stephen Hawking asked the question, 'What is the probability of life existing elsewhere in the universe?' in his public lecture, 'Life in the Universe.' If life does, in fact, exist elsewhere in the universe and you could send one thing to represent the human race, what would it be and why would you choose it? • What issue of local, national, or international significance concerns you? Why? To upload a document in response to this question, please click the 'upload' button below. If your upload is successful, you will see a 'view document' button and a 'delete' button appear next to the question....
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