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reactions would be, thus giving the speaker the chance to avoid mistakes that the audience might deem unacceptable. 7.)The help of Visual aids. The use of visual aids helps amplify the speaker’s message and enhance its content as well. By the use of visual aids also helps the audience catch up and attain the facts that they might have not collected due to interference. It also helps save time by providing information that can’t be delivered due to time constraint. It helps gain attention and holds interests while clarifying and supporting the main points. Visual aids reinforce or emphasize the main points while improving retention of information. 8.)How and when visual aids should be used. Visual aids should be used when delivering statistics, appealing to the audience’s emotion, pushing the audience’s imagination. Visual should be used as well for difficult terms that the audience might not be able to capture easily. Visual must not overlap the
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Unformatted text preview: speech, meaning, as much as possible, the speaker must use it for a brief time and take it off once the speaker is done using it, since it may cause distraction. 9.)An example of a very effective speech. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I have a dream speech. It was made to put an end to racism and bring equilibrium in the lifestyle of both black and white. The main intention of the speaker was to stop racism. 10.) Factors that contributed to the success of the speech.’ The use of formal language and the appeal to human emotion intensified the effectiveness of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, showing that he is an educated upright person. His willingness to deliver a speech with passion showed the audience that he was really passionate about his opinions. His charisma was also contributed to the effectiveness of the speech. The repetition of phrases echoed his opinions and boosted the morale of those who are in hope of his dream’s fulfillment....
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