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CHE113 Forensic Science Nicolas Canel Microscopy Scanning Elec. Microscopy Scanning electron microscopes (SEM): 3-D views of the surfaces by aiming a beam of electrons onto the specimen. Electrons are bounced off the surface of the specimen and form a 3D image that is stereoscopic in appearance. Magnification: 1000-10,000x and Depth of Field very high. Can be used to identify the elements present in the specimen under examination. Staining Samples
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Unformatted text preview: Staining simply means coloring the sample with a dye that emphasizes certain structures or components. “Fixing”- Before a sample can be stained, it must be attached or fixed, to the slide, otherwise the stain might wash it from the slide. “Smearing” - When a specimen is fixed, a thin film of material containing the sample is spread over the surface of the slide. This film (smear) is allowed to air dry or by flame....
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