ANT131,13 - Big Game Huntin Schonigen, Germany (400 kya)...

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Premodern Humans Pleistocene Epoch Lower: 1.8 mya to 780kya Middle: 780 kya to 125 kya Widespread ice and snow cover – glacial advance Upper: 125 to 10 kya Interglacial persisting into the present. Characteristics of Homo Heidelbergensis (middle Pleistocene) Ancestral (H. erectus) traits: Massive brow Low Forehead Chinless Robust post-crania Derived (H. Sapiens) Traits: Increased cc Arched brow
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Unformatted text preview: Big Game Huntin Schonigen, Germany (400 kya) Spears that were fired. Found about ten years ago. Shell fish and horse Upper Pleistocene (125 to 10 kya) Homo Neanderthalensis (130[75]-30kya) Large range of Neanderthals Cranial & Facial Characteristics Long, low cranium Avg. 1520 cc Occipital bun Small mastoid process Midfacial prognathism Large nasal aperture Large, round eye orbits Chin usually absent...
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