ANT131,6 - Gene Drift: Random sampling of alleles. Greater...

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The Modern Synthesis The Modern Synthesis Synthesis of Mendelian inheritance and Darwinian theory in the 1930s Evolution is defined as two-stage process: The production and redistribution of variation. Natural selection acts on this variation Contemporary Definition of Evolution A change in the frequency of alleles in a population from one generation to the  next. Population: a group of similar individuals that interbreed and produce fertile  offspring. Gene Pool: The total mix of genes in a population. Mutation: A molecular alteration in genetic Material. Must occur in a gamete Mutation must be viable. 1 individual in 10,000 Gene Flow: Exchange of genes between populations Results in greater similarity between populations Prevents speciation Biocultural: Exogamy, mobility, warfare, slavery
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Unformatted text preview: Gene Drift: Random sampling of alleles. Greater influence in small populations (<100) Results in greater differences between populations. Biocultural: Endogamy, polygamy, colonization, disaster. Founder effect: Individuals from a large population move to a different location… new population looks different. Bottleneck: There’s a population with variation between alleles… Because of some event the majority of the population dies off. Purely random in eliminating all that variation. Microevolutionary Process: Sickle Cell Trait Point Mutation Natural Selection Gene Flow Hemoglobin Chromosome 11 ‘P’ arm 2 codominant alleles A and S S= beta chain mutation 3 Genotyoes AA : “Normal” AS : A portion of the blood cells sickle SS : Sicke Cell Anemia...
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ANT131,6 - Gene Drift: Random sampling of alleles. Greater...

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