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ANT131,4 - Gametes produced in testes and ovaries Reduction...

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DNA Function II: Replication 18:56 DNA Function II: Replication The DNA Replication Process Enzymes break bonds Two  nucleotide chains serve as templates Unattached nucleotides attracted to complementary base Two new strands of DNA, each having one of the original strands. Mitosis: Production of Identical Somatic Cells Cell division in somatic cells Growth, repair, or replacement of tissues. Produces two daughter cells that are genetically identical to the original cell. Diploid cells. Meiosis: Production of Gametes
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Unformatted text preview: Gametes produced in testes and ovaries Reduction division (two stages) Homologous pairs separated Double stranded chromosomes separated at centromere Produces four daughter cells with 23 chromosomes in each cell 22 autosomes 1 sex chromosome Haploid cells Stages of Embryo Division Fertilized Egg 4-Cell Embryo 8-Cell Embryo Blastocyst Hatching Blastocyst Differentiation – Somatic Cells Hox genes initiate differentiation ~16 cell stage DNA itself not altered...
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