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bring pure language to class TOPIC PROPOSAL "MEMO" DUE FRIDAY, WORK ON IT read engagements with rhetoric difference between intrinsic and extrinsic exigence and the relationship between exigence and audience. notes: Establishing Exigence: Outline a problem, conflict, pressing decision Show us what is "at stake" in an issue. A stake is what could be gained or lost. Challenge a commonly held assumption. Ask a compelling question WORD CHOICE is critical in establishing EX. exigence: urgency importance usefulness or interest of its subject towards the audience a reason to continue reading chronos: quantifiable time, chronological.
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Unformatted text preview: kairos: quality of time rather than quantity exigence captures kairos extrinsic the situation itself presents urgency, demands a response ex: terrible natural disaster intrinsic: the writer must create the urgent of the situation, how the opening is fashioned, showing the problem that exists referring to others in the field that are also currently concerned on the issue creates exigency exists in the introduction the thesis the importance behind the work providing focus and drive show and establish your side and stake in the issue at hand...
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