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arianna gvpt dis 1

arianna gvpt dis 1 - 'R means respondent data view.find...

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Lefrak has OACS SPSS ----------- plug in data set cd (colorful comes from broke) click student version NES 2008A GSS-personal viewpoints and values States- How strict the laws are in each state, # of congressman you have World- different characteristics of different countries, population, economic growth when the data set is open prefrences variable viewi to 'display names' and alphabetical order file:save as: save onto hard drive the different data sets ---variable list "label" section, tells you what the variable is, what the surveyor asked double click "value labels" for the specific person to see the groups people were put into
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Unformatted text preview: 'R'- means respondent data view. .find their variable, then compare it to the variable view don't need to make an output page for hw #1 only output: go to analyze: descriptive data: frequencies (how many times variable occurs in the data set) click it to get a graph or table, this is output page so save or print HOMEWORK NUMBER 1-find out the current risks of certain person- rip out the page 15 from your book and bring it to discussion next time answered...
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