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arianna gvpt measurement of concept

arianna gvpt measurement of concept - The...

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The Definition/Measurement of Concept concept : an idea or mental construct that represents phenomena in the real world. - democracy, war, partisanship conceptual question : expressed using ideas, unclear and thus difficult to answer empirically concrete question : expressed using tangible properties, can be answered empirically conceptual definition: describes clearly the concepts of measurable properties and specifies the units of analysis to with the concept applies -- clarifying a concept : must e concrete/vary brainstorm polar opposites, drop nonessential traits/conceptual terms - conceptual dimension : a set of concrete traits of similar type - multidimensional concept : 2 or more groups have the same ideas but are slightly different Step 1 conceptual definition: must decide what is important to the concept measuring civil war, debate in 2005 about whether iraq was in civil war ex: war- must think about what exactly we mean of war " a violent conflict within a
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