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weather: short time scales : what it is right now climate: long term, average weather patterns, understanding extremes northern hemisphere: 70% of land mass is northern hemisphere large mountain ranges-amplifies climate, provides for more storms and drastic weather southern hemisphere: ocean has a higher specific heat then land, need more heat and energy to change the temp of water rather than land. water helps to regulate temp, less difference in temp between winter and summer, more consistent. mountain ranges cause less storms in the south
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Unformatted text preview: there is less friction over water than land, there are some of the highest waves in the world there because there are no mountains to break up the winds L (Lows): pressure systems affect clouds, storminess. counter clockwise circulation around the L to the southeast you have cold front to the east south you have warm front go through stratiform area, area of precipitation, the area of perception behind the warm front is heavier look at chpt 1 notes under page 1 on aosc website...
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