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Victoria Kopser POL 2101 Chapter 2 Discussion Questions 1. Discus the concept of political culture and describe prominent regional differences. Discuss the roots of these observed differences. - Political culture is the combined effects of history, tradition, immigration, religion, views on government, priority placed on public programs, and avenues for political participation. In the Northeast some characteristics are strong local government, ethnic-based politics, and strong regional identity. The South consist of the states of the confederacy. The Midwest is the least homogenous reign. The west makes up 2 geographical regions. Environmental issues also divide the region. 2. In what ways are the states becoming more alike? What elements of distinctiveness remain? - The states are becoming more alike in the sense that are all forming suburbs and are developing at a semi constant rate. All states have some form of state government even if there are slight differences. The culture and regions will stay
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