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Barrett - CS450 Winter 2011 Lecture 2 Signals and Image Basics (See accompanying slides) Objectives : To understand Sampling and Quantization, Domain and Range and related, fundamental concepts of digital signals. Signal and Image Functions • What is a Function? • What is the domain of the Signal/Image? • What is the range of the Signal/Image? What do the values mean? • Examples: reflectance, density, x-ray attenuation, distance, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Domains and Ranges • Domains > Sampling of Discrete Points • Ranges > Selection of Discrete Values • What is the difference between Sampling and Quantization? Sampling Terminology • rate/frequency (Hz) • spacing/density (dpi) Quantization Terminology • bits per sample – bit depth • number of discrete values • dynamic range What is Resolution? • Examples of Hi-Res? • Examples of Low-Res?...
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