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PHI363 International Relations and Morality 2/28/12 Marx and Gandhi Gandhi: “The claim to infallibility would thus always be a most dangerous claim to make….” We will never be able to know what truth is, we can only make judgment towards what we think is truth. Humans are insignificant in the world, we need to show humility Non-violence can be the weapon of the weak. He is a large believer in non-violence, You must actually have active duty to love the enemy. There were tons of people that would get arrested for refusing to obey by unjust laws, in doing this they clogged up the prison system, and police system, without ever doing any physical attack. John Stuart Mill Liberal Polymath Philosopher, Social Scientist, Wrote on literature and politics, Greek Scholar Thought working classes and women should be able to vote. He thought that you must be able to write and understand politics and economics,
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