14-440-127 Recitation 8 Problems

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14:440:127- Introduction to Computers for Engineers Problems for students to attempt in Recitation 8 1) Predict the result of the following computation (consider that ans will be a uint16): uint16(29493929)*uint16(2949329) Then, try it in Matlab. 2) Convert 10101101 (Base 2) to base 10. 3) Convert 348 (Base 10) to base 2. 4) Create a structure called student that contains 3 fields: exam1, exam2, and exam3. Now, create a 100 element vector of students, and assign each student random grades (between 0 and 100) for each of the exams. Assuming the exam grades are weighted equally, which student (number) has the highest course grade? Which student has the lowest course grade? 5) Create a 1000x1000 matrix full of zeros, but set nonzero values for 5 of those elements. Now, convert it to a sparse matrix (and save in a different variable). Use the whos command to determine which uses less memory. Explain your result. 6)
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