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14:440:127 Introduction to Computers for Engineers Recitation 1 - Problems for students to attempt SOLUTIONS *Use Matlab to find the sum of 5, 2 squared, and 4. 5 + 2^2 + 4 *Set the variable matlabvariable to equal the difference of 453 and (4 to the third power). Then, on the next line, increase matlabvariable by 15. matlabvariable = 453 – 4^3; matlabvariable = matlabvariable + 15 *Which of the following variable names are permitted? 7up School-of-Engineering Rutgers for Rutgers_University sin Rutgers, Rutgers_University, sin *Create a bunch of variables (some with decimals, some with character arrays i.e. x = ‘hello’ )…. and then use the whos command to verify what variables have been defined. Then, use the clear command to delete any one of the variables. X = ‘hello’; Y = ‘yo’; Z = 15; Z2 = Z * 5; whos clear Y *Run the following two commands: 1) x = 56; 2) y = 87; Now, switch the values of x and y. x = 56;
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14-440-127_20Recitation_201_20Problems-_20Solutions -...

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