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C- Written QuestionsExam 1

C- Written QuestionsExam 1 - 14:440:127 Fall 2008 Exam 1...

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14:440:127, Fall 2008 Exam 1 Version C The entire exam is closed book, and there is no collaboration permitted. All of your answers must be written in blue books; you will have separate bluebooks for the “No Computer” and “Computer” sections. Be sure to put your name and RUID on all bluebooks you use. Each “Computer” question is worth twice as much as each “No Computer” questions. All answers must relate to the Matlab programming language. For the first 30 minutes, you will not be permitted to use the computer. After 30 minutes, we will collect your bluebook for the first 6 (written) questions, and you will be permitted no further changes to those answers. For the final 4 questions, you will be permitted to use the computer by logging in to your special “Exam Accounts.” If you log in to your normal engineering account at any point during the exam, you will automatically fail. “No Computer” Question 1: Answer whether the following questions evaluate to True or False : Let x = 15 and y = 93 a) y+5 >= 98
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