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Exam 1 Format and Topics

Exam 1 Format and Topics - 14:440:127 Fall 2008 Exam 1...

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14:440:127 Fall 2008 Exam 1 October 1 st – October 7 th Logistics: The exam will be held during your normally scheduled recitation section (unless you’ve made alternate arrangements with Blase due to a religious holiday, etc.) You will have 80 minutes to complete the exam, although it’s designed so that you shouldn’t need that much time. If you’re absent or late for your normal section, you fail (barring a doctor’s note). You must bring your Rutgers ID card with you to the exam. Important: Do not log on to your normal engineering accounts when you enter the DSV. You will have special accounts to use just for the exam; these accounts will block access to all programs except Matlab. If you log into your engineering account during the exam time, you will automatically FAIL the exam . Format: The first 30 minutes of the exam will comprise 8 questions for you to answer without using the computer. You can definitely get partial credit for this part. These questions
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