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Assig 2 sentences - dsialpy 6 The mtensor and the cnesotegd...

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Read each sentence below aloud as quickly as possible. 1. The mtoehr and duaetghr wnet sohnppig for new colhtes and psrues 2. An udfeneind ehco tlekacs the lyear wtohuit the sckity crbaon. 3. Tihs palucitrar cat pletiloy lhgeuad at the dnaincg wodeon arm. 4. The uinetisrvy of folidra is an otuidsntang shocol wtih hgih aacimdec satradnds 5. Tihs baeufitul pciutre dsevrees to be fmared and put on
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Unformatted text preview: dsialpy 6. The mtensor and the cnesotegd gopurs roecver form the inreigndet 7. An eomurons arnailpe took fihglt and saoerd aobve the codlus 8. A sutiated ternd ingeros her blbbue with a rvnalieeg apnaiclpt 9. The hsopatil pessessos rcerods on all of tiehr dcesaeed ptaneits 10. The ipviormg bcautmirem kckis the cnxetot afetr the jkniog jrours...
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