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EXP 3604 Assignment #1 Due: By September 30, 2011 (1:55 PM) Overview This assignment is an exercise that requires you to design an experiment using the inattentional blindness or change blindness effect (see pp. 95-97 in the text). You will develop a hypothesis, collect data from several participants, and interpret the results. You will complete a “mini” report on your experiment that will consist of your hypothesis, materials and procedure, results, and discussion. The purpose is to give you a first-hand look at the research process, so have fun! Select an independent variable that you think might have an effect on inattentional blindness or change blindness, either making it easier or harder to detect when a new object appears or an existing object changes in a scene that you are viewing. Your prediction about what effect this variable will have is called a hypothesis. For example (and do NOT use this one ), you might select the variable of “visual similarity”, defined as the similarity of the players’ shirt color to the new object (the gorilla), and hypothesize that less inattentional blindness will occur when looking at people in shirts that are the same color as the new object. To test this hypothesis, you would have two groups of participants, each representing one “level” of the independent variable: (1) one group of participants that would count passes made by players in white shirts (dissimilar in color to the gorilla), and (2) another group would count passes made by players in black shirts (similar to the gorilla). When choosing your variable, think about relevant issues that we have discussed in class, such as factors that influence perception, divided or selective attention, cognitive load, etc. The point is for you to create an interesting hypothesis about inattentional or change blindness and then test it – there is no right or wrong variable! Report Format Your report should follow the format shown on the next page, fitting on TWO pages exactly as shown. Do not exceed the page limitations. Your report should be typed (single-spaced), using complete sentences, with careful attention being paid to grammar, spelling, writing style, etc. Make sure your report is STAPLED before you turn it in . Originality of hypothesis and discussion of results will also factor into your grade. Details to include in each section are shown below: Hypothesis
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Assignment_1 (2) - EXP 3604 Assignment #1 Due: By September...

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