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Aug 26 Neuroscience

Accuracy speed best to look at accuracy and response

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Unformatted text preview: Best to look at accuracy and response time. A lot of the time people will go slow to be more accurate so results may look better until looking at response time. Dependent Variables in Cognitive Psychology Accuracy correctness of response can be used in conjunction with reaction time: speed-accuracy tradeoff Frequency counting number of responses often used to measure capacity Studying the Mind Two perspectives: Behavioral approach Uses behavior to infer mental processes Physiological approach Uses physiology (brain) to infer mental processes Technology measures physiology of brain. Memory consolidation- memory from recent events is fragile. Embedding it to long term memory is memory consolidation. If the process is disrupted (ex concusion) recent memories will be lost because it failed to be consolidated. Example: Memory consolidation Required for new memories to become stable and immune to interference 2 Cognitive Neuroscience Memory Consolidation Research question: How does going to sleep shortly after learning affect consolidation? Behavioral approach (Gais et al.,...
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