Aug 26 Neuroscience

Aug 26 neuroscience

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Unformatted text preview: Cognitive Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience Characteristics of an experiment Behavioral vs. physiological approaches Research methods in cognitive neuroscience Characteristics of an Experiment Control hold some factors constant, measuring other(s) Randomization sampling assignment Characteristics of an Experiment Control example: Alcohol affecting video games, 2 groups: with and without alcohol. Controls: amount of sleep, gender, what they’ve eaten, etc. -Randomization-minimizes factors you can’t control, everyone has the same chance of being chosen, eliminates bias -Indep. Variables can have levels (ex. amounts of alcohol, gender, etc) Independent Variable manipulated by Investigator hypothesized cause of effect Dependent Variable variable that is measured outcome Depends on the IV 1 Cognitive Neuroscience Dependent Variables in Cognitive Psychology Response Time time between presentation of a stimulus and response by participant milliseconds (typically) measure of processing speed Processing speed- how long it takes to get a mental response. Accuracy speed-...
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