DCW12 Syllabus (1)

DCW12 Syllabus (1) - 1DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS 325 Winter...

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1 DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS - 325 Winter 2012 Sections 7, 13 Randy L. Bott—Instructor Office: 210-D JSB (ext. 2-3223) E-mail address: [email protected] Texts : 1. Doctrine and Covenants Please bring Triple Combination and an LDS edition of the Bible to every class 2. The Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual (Institute version) Don’t bring to class, but do keep up on daily readings!!! Can be found online at http://institute.lds.org/manuals/doctrine-and-covenants-institute-student- manual/index.asp 3. Student Packet (Optional) Contains the quotes Brother Bott will use during the semester and are for your enrichment, not for your grade Grading : 1. 10% Attendance . 1You can miss three (3) class periods without penalty. Every unexcused absence in excess of that results in a deduction of 2 points from your attendance score. You will be on your honor to report your attendance at the end of the semester. The Religion Department policy is that no credit will be given for the course if less than 50% of the classes are attended. 2. 1 10% Reading and marking (according to your own system) , which should be read before coming to class according to the schedule below—it makes class a lot more interesting. Marking will help you on your Celebrations since you can only use your D&C when taking the celebrations . Anything you want to remember should be referenced in your scriptures. 3. 1 10% Reading the Student Manual. It is helpful to read the corresponding pages to the sections we study in class before coming to class but you won’t be asked to give an account of your completed reading until the day of the final. 4. 10% Research Paper . A1 research paper will be your only assignment aside from the celebrations. Your topic should be a doctrine from the half of the D&C that this class is covering, and you must cite where your topic comes from . I want to know how and what you think, not just a recital of scriptures and quotes from General Authorities. All sources used must be fully cited, and you must use at least one non-scriptural source . A works cited page does not count toward your paper’s length requirement. There is a 10% penalty
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DCW12 Syllabus (1) - 1DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS 325 Winter...

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