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Faith, Holy Ghost, and Priesthood and the Will of God By: Randy L. Bott Figuring out how things work in the eternal scheme of things can be difficult, frustrating, and very time consuming. However, if a person is willing to endure the frustration of not having immediate closure on every issue, the Lord will graciously allow more of the pieces of the eternal puzzle to be put into their proper places, in His own due time. Even Jesus did not receive a fulness at first but received grace for grace and then continued from grace to grace (see D&C 93:12-13). We also were to receive grace for grace (see D&C 93:20). As God’s pattern has been from the beginning he “give[s] unto the faithful line upon line, precept Such has been the case with me in trying to understand how the sometimes seemingly incompatible pieces of “faith”, “the Holy Ghost”, the “powers of the priesthood”, and the “Will of God” combine in receiving the desired blessings. In this paper, I will try to summarize the insights I have received over a lifetime of inquiring for answers. Start first with a simple question: “Can a person’s faith cause something to happen that is not consistent with the will of God?” If that would be the case, then God would become subject to the will of any one of His children who exercised sufficient faith to cause something to happen. That doesn’t sound reasonable since the Creator is not and never will be subject to the creature. The Apostle Paul taught, “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God” (Romans 13:1). A young lady came into my office confused and wanting an explanation. She had worked all of her life to earn a spot on the BYU swimming team. Finally her goal had been 1
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reached. Unfortunately, as the season for intercollegiate competition approached she injured a major muscle essential to her swimming. In faith she sought a blessing under the hands of the priesthood. The young man giving the blessing promised her that she would competitively swim with the team that season. Armed with that assurance she kept her appointment with the team physician. After careful x-rays and tests, he concluded that it would be impossible for her to swim again this season, and perhaps ever again. She wanted to know why the Priesthood gave her a blessing so specific, why she thought the Spirit had confirmed what she thought to be the truth of the message, and then have it not come to pass?. She was questioning her faith, her worthiness to receive the blessing, and also the role of the priesthood. It would be simple to say that the blessing will be answered in eternity, but when the
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Faith_HG_Priesthood - Faith Holy Ghost and Priesthood and...

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