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Cognitive Psychology Practice Test – Test 2 1. The Talmi et al study using fMRI found that when probe words from the end of a list were shown, only the area of the brain used for ______ was activated. 2. As a result of undergoing neurosurgery to treat his seizures, H.M. had ___________________ and _____________________. A: abnormal STM, some islands of memory B: abnormal digit span, increased IQ C: retrograde amnesia, anterograde amnesia D: no long-term memories, poor ability to reason 3. According to the Working Memory Model, ___________________ determines the capacity of the phonological store. 4. Monkeys without a prefrontal cortex have difficulty with what kind of task? A: N-Back B: Delayed-Response C: Lexical Decision D: Digit-Span 5. ____________________________ eliminates word-length effect because it interferes with rehearsal by overloading the phonological loop. 6. Items that are not shown in a scene but are falsely remembered due to being part of the schema for that scene are called _______________________. 7. H.M. was able to improve on the mirror drawing task even though he couldn’t remember practicing it due to what type of memory? A: Explicit Memory B: Autobiographical Memory C: Procedural Memory D: Short Term Memory 8. Cryptomnesia is an example of a ________________________________________ error. 9. A: Rehearsing words longer makes them easier to recall B: Rehearsing words sends them straight to LTM C: Rehearsal is only useful for word-stem completion tasks D: Length of rehearsal does not necessarily affect recall ability
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10. ______________ is a task that tests the effects of semantic priming. 11. Foresight Bias is a problem associated with low accuracy of __________________. 12. What area did the case study of H.M. show was the key to forming new memories?
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Full_pretest_Test2 (1) - Cognitive Psychology Practice Test...

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