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ESP 3604 Assignment #1 NAME 511959 Hypothesis My report will focus on change blindness using the video “Movie Perception Test” that features two women having a conversation about a surprise party. The video has many editing mistakes that causes things to change throughout the video. My hypothesis is that without being told that there are changes in the video, subjects will not notice any of these changes. I will have two levels for my study. One level will be telling four subjects that some unusual things may occur so pay attention. The other level will be the control group in which I will tell four different subjects to watch the video without telling them that anything unusual will occur. I hypothesize that the group who id told about the changes will spot some of them whereas the group that isn’t aware won’t spot any of them. The independent variable is whether or not they are told about the changes and the dependent variable is the amount of changes subjects spot Variables controlled:
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