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Allison Wronka Extra Credit Assignment: News Release 1) In the October 2011 article, Links Between Attention, Performance Pressure, and Movement in Skilled Motor Action, author and psychologist Rob Gray, discussed how changes in attention effect athletes’ performance, especially under high-pressure situations. Gray was already aware of other psychological studies that found that athletes tend not to perform well in high-pressure situations due to an “inward” shift of attention which causes the athlete to focus more on a task that they wouldn’t normally analyze so much. In other words, there is a shift from implicit or procedural memory in which movements would be unconscious and automatic, to explicit memory in which the athlete becomes conscious of his or her movements. Gray agreed with this analysis but wanted to get deeper into the study and find out how exactly the shift in attention causes athletes to change to their movements and what these movements are. Gray hypothesized that there were four key movements created when attention in high-pressure situation shifts: movement variability, multi-joint coordination, movement economy, and motor-control strategy. He believed movement variability, changes in the consistency of movements produced during the execution of a skill, occurred when an athlete under pressure reverted back to explicit memory and movements that were fluid and very consistent in procedural memory become broken down and
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Psych EC paper - Allison Wronka Extra Credit Assignment:...

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