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2 Out-of-Class Assignments (5 points each/10 points total): To further enrich our students in the broad field of entrepreneurship, you are required to attend two out-of-class activities provided by the Center for Entrepreneurship. You must remain at the event for at least 1 hour and turn in a one-page summary explaining what you learned, WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE EVENT (12pt. Times New Roman type, double-spaced, 1 inch top/bottom margins, 1 inch left/right margins, no cover page). Be sure to include personal application. 1 point per day will be deducted from late papers. Format: Name Date of Event Section # Activity # Event Title Please write: your name, date of event, title of event, & section number on your paper, and whether this is your first or second activity attended (this heading should NOT be double spaced although the body of the paper is). There is a template on Blackboard under “Course Materials” for you to download and fill out. You will lose a point if the heading is not done correctly. You may turn your paper to 470 TNRB only.
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