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E-Myth Paper Instructions (20 points) As part of the class, you are required to read The E-Myth Revisited and write a 900-1300 word (3-4 page) paper relating how the book applies to you (or someone you know) as an entrepreneur in your business, a business you’ve worked for, or the business of someone you know. (If and only if, you are repeating the class, please read and write your paper on one of the following The Art of the Start, Rich Dad Poor Dad, or The Game of Work). Be specific and concise. Apply as many specific principles of the book as you can (more than just the roles of the Entrepreneur, Technician and Manager). Do not compose a book report, or give a long summary of the text – we have already read it! You will lose points if you do. Rather, demonstrate your understanding of the book by how well you personally apply its principles to a specific business. Please include your name, date of submission, and section number on your paper. Grading Criteria
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