How to get a 20 on the Emyth

How to get a 20 on the Emyth - E-Myth principles....

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How to Get 20/20 On the E-Myth Paper Follow the instructions. Show that you read and understand the book by applying terms in the book, not defining them. Assume I have read the book and over 700 E-Myth papers, because I have. Good : By applying the turn-key principle though doing A Handyman Joe would…. Bad : The turn-key principle is X. Gerber says businesses should… Do not spend much time giving the history of a business or summarizing concepts from the book. This takes away space from applying E-Myth principles. By simply applying E-Myth principles to a business I will understand more about the business and your understanding of the
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Unformatted text preview: E-Myth principles. Incorporate as many E-Myth principles as appropriately possible. If I only read about the manager/technician/entrepreneur, though they are very important, I wonder if you read past chapter one. Remember, the paper is not about the book and it is not about a business. It is about analyzing and improving a business through the principles discussed in the E-Myth. Ideally, you should be able to hand this paper to the owner of the business you discuss in your paper and allow him/her to understand how he/she can improve the company through your suggestions...
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