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1-26 - BIE 5110/6110 Sprinkle Trickle Irrigation Fall...

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BIE 5110/6110 Sprinkle & Trickle Irrigation Fall Semester, 2004 Assignment #4 (100 pts) Mainline Design Due: 13 Oct 04 Given: A large rectangular field, 1,200 m long and 1,000 m wide Periodic-move sprinkler laterals with buried mainline pipe Four sprinkler laterals operate, each covering ¼ of the field area Two laterals are on one side of the mainline, and two on the other side All four laterals move in the same direction when changing sets The mainline will run down the middle of the field, 1,200 m long The mainline will run uphill at a uniform slope of 0.387% System capacity is Q s = 135 lps PVC pipe sizes given in Table 8.5 are the available sizes Pressure available at the upstream end of the mainline is 389 kPa Required lateral inlet pressure is 275 kPa Laterals connect to mainline through hydrant valves Hydrant hydraulic loss to from mainline to lateral inlet is 25 kPa Required: Design the mainline to consume all of the available head Use the basic procedures from Lecture 9 and Chapter 10 Consider the critical lateral positions Determine mainline pipe diameters and respective lengths of each size Check operational velocity limits in the mainline pipe Do all calculations in metric units (lengths in m, flow in lps, and diameter in mm) Do your work neatly and logically – make it understandable to another engineer Include brief comments, as necessary, about design details and decisions
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Solution: (1) Extreme Lateral Position
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