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1-31 - 3 Is H n ’ the same on the uphill& downhill...

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BIE 5110/6110 Sprinkle & Trickle Irrigation Fall Semester, 2004 Assignment #9 (100 pts) Trickle Manifold Location Due: 3 Dec 04 Given: A rectangular field of orchard trees, 550-m long in the direction of the PE laterals. The preliminary design data are as follows: lateral ID = 17.8 mm q a = 3.95 lph S e = 2.5 m f e = 0.10 m S p = 5.0 m H a = 13.0 m x = 0.55 Q s =9.77 lps Required: Determine the following using either: (1) the semi-graphical, non-dimensional, design procedure, or (2) a completely numerical design procedure: 1. Optimal manifold location 2. Required lateral inlet pressure head, H l 3. Minimum lateral pressure head, H n Show all of your work neatly, step by step. Adjust the manifold location uphill by as much as 0.75(S p ), or downhill by as much as 0.25(S p ) so that is is positioned midway between two plant rows. 1. How many trees on the uphill side? 2.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Is H n ’ the same on the uphill & downhill sides? Solution: • The solution can be obtained by different methods, as explained in class. • The quickest and easiest solution is to use the New and Improved “OptManifold.exe” computer program, as shown below: • The New and Improved version of the program uses Hazen-Williams. • Due to approximations and simplifying assumptions in the equations, the calculated value of H n ’ is not exactly equal in the uphill and downhill parts of the lateral. • The tree spacing is given as S p = 5.0 m. Make the downhill lateral 375-m long, and the uphill lateral will be 175 m in length (a slight adjustment on the calculation results). • This gives 175/5 = 35 trees on the uphill side of the manifold, and 375/5 = 75 trees on the downhill side....