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Unformatted text preview: FIRE SUPPRESSION INTERPRETATIONS 0F FIBEIJN'E INTENSITY AND FLAJME LENCHEICHUHEP Fireline Intensity (BTU/Second Foot) Fire Suppression Interpretations Fires can generally be attacked at the head or flanks by persons using hand tools. Handline should hold the fire. <100 Fires are too intense for direct attack on the head by persons using hand tools. Handline can not be relied on to hold fire. Equipment such as dozers, pumpers, and retar- dant aircraft can be effective. Fires are potentially dangerous to 100 — 500 I personnel and equipment. 500 — 1000 8 - 11 Fires may present serious control problems, i.e., torching, crowning, and spotting. Control efforts at the head will probably be ineffec- tive. Crowning, spotting, and major fire runs are probable. Control efforts at head of fire are ineffective. ...
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