The Science of Shopping final draft

The Science of Shopping final draft - Nathan Mazurenko The...

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Unformatted text preview: Nathan Mazurenko The Science of Shopping Malcolm Gladwell Are We Predictable? “Human beings walk they way they drive, which is to say that Americans tend to keep to the right when they stroll down shopping-mall concourses or city sidewalks.”(Malcolm Gladwell, pg. 218) When I think about the human race, I think diverseness, complexity, and intelligence. I imagine each individual being unique, with different drives and motivations for their actions. Paco Underhill, on the other hand, seems to oversimplify the masses. To be a Science of something, a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws must be completed. The “Science of Shopping” has been documented and recorded by Paco Underhill. Years of endless filming of consumers, as they enter, browse, and leave the store have been captured and analyzed. There is now a mathematical way to organize a store to aptly appeal to the public and increase merchandise sales. Businesses thrive off of information like this. Retail stores abroad have begun to manipulate people into buying products, simply based on how the store is set up. Special consideration is taken when setting up products in the “Decompression Zone,” the area in which a shopper needs time to adjust from just being outside, to settling in and focus on shopping. I disagree with the concept of the “Decompression Zone” because in my experience whenever I walk into a store I do not “take five to fifteen paces to adjust.”(Malcolm Gladwell pg. 219) I usually stop and wait a couple of five to fifteen paces to adjust....
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The Science of Shopping final draft - Nathan Mazurenko The...

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