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Assnmnt08Fall06 - Chem 115 Fall 2006 Assignment 8 Reading...

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1 Answers: (a) permissible, a 2 p orbital; (b) forbidden, because for l = 0, m l can only be 0; (c) permissible, a 4 d orbital; (d) forbidden, because for n = 3, l cannot be larger than 2. 2 Answers: (a) An s orbital has n –1 nodes. (b) 2 p x has a nodal plane (the yz plane), and 3 s has two spherical nodes. (c) The radial probability function is a plot of Ψ 2 vs. r , which shows how probability varies with distance from the nucleus. Comparing the plots for 1 s , 2 s , and 3 s , we see that maximum probability is located further from the nucleus and the number of nodes increases as n increases. (d) 2 s = 2 p < 3 s < 4 d < 5 s . For the one-electron atom, energy depends solely on n , not l . 3 In addition to the configurations using noble-gas core notation, give complete electronic configurations for these, starting at 1 s 2 . You will be asked to show complete configurations (without noble-gas abbreviations) on Test 3 and the Final Exam. Chem 115
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