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Assnmnt03Fall06 - Chem 115 Fall 2006 Assignment 3 Reading...

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1 The answer to 3.21(g) given in the back of the book and the Solutions Manual, 535.6, is actually the molecular weight of Si 2 Br 6 . The empirical formula of Si 2 Br 6 is SiBr 3, and its corresponding empirical formula is 267.78. Chem 115 Fall, 2006 Assignment 3 Reading Assignment Complete reading Chapter 3 in Brown, LeMay, and Bursten. Read all of Chapter 4, but read “The Activity Series”, pp. 142-144, for interest only. In addition to the topics covered in the text’s Chapter 4, I will talk about the distinction between analytical concentration and actual concentration . These terms are not covered explicitly in the text, so you will need to be sure to get this material from the lectures. We will probably complete the material in Chapter 4 before Test 1, although it will not be covered on that exam. After that, we will continue with all of Chapter 5. Test 1 The test will be given during regular class time on Friday, October 13th . The test will cover all the material in the lectures corresponding to Chapters 1 through 3 in the text.
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