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101Systems Theory 9-17-09

101Systems Theory 9-17-09 - -olfactory messages-auditory...

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The birds and the bees and the chimpanzees and you and me Introduction to Communication and Information – 9/17/09 1. What is systems theory? 2. How does systems theory help us understand communication? 3. Some systems concepts: --systems --boundaries --environment --closed/open systems --living systems 4. Communication modes --visual messages --tactile messages
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Unformatted text preview: --olfactory messages--auditory messages 5. Similarities and differences between human and animal communication 6. What do we all use communication for?--courtship and mating--reproduction--parent/offspring relationships and socialization--navigation--self-defense--territoriality 7. Communication as a process of adaptation...
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101Systems Theory 9-17-09 - -olfactory messages-auditory...

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