market and competitors

market and competitors - Overview 1 What is the legal name...

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Overview 1. What is the legal name of the business? My Event Smart 2. What business is the company in? Facebook sorting/gifting app 3. What is the purpose of the business? To help people filter the useless information on facebook without missing the important things. To help people plan events better. 4. What are the products and/or services? How are they related to the purpose? Product related to filtering information and managing gifts for events. 5. What benefits do the products and/or services provide its customers? They definitely save people a lot of time in terms of managing an event and raising money for gifts. Businesses use their services too. The filter eliminated the trouble people need to go through when finding important status from lots of useless ones. 6. What is the management’s vision for the business? How large do they want it to become? Management team makes conservative assumptions about the future of this business. They predict 3% growth on penetration, which is very reasonable for start-ups, it could be reasonable for mature companies too, because this is how fast GDP on average grows. Even with this growth rate, they can still be profitable in the future. 7. Is the management’s team vision statement based in reality and aligned with realistic growth objectives? Yes. Their vision is very conservative, and therefore very doable. 8. Why is the company uniquely qualified to be in the business? The management team has had experiences in other starup related fields, and is capable of running this company well. 9.
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market and competitors - Overview 1 What is the legal name...

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