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8/23/2011 1 Practical Bioinformatics for Life Scientists Week 1, Lecture 1 István Albert Bioinformatics Consulting Center Penn State Introductions Lecturer: Istvan Albert TA: Yunfei Li Office hours: M-W from 2-3 in 502B Wartik Email: [email protected] Also using content from the Bioinformatics Summer Course Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data by Titus Brown , Michigan State University See: http://bioinformatics.msu.edu/ngs-summer-course-2010 Rationale for this course Life sciences are becoming a data driven science Data is represented as text files in various formats that are transformed one step at a time Most bioinformatics classes are focused on computer science or algorithms. We will focus on information processing and applications Lecture topics 15 weeks two lectures per week = 30 lectures core informatics competency computational foundations biological data formats statistical methods and visualization software tools
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8/23/2011 2 Lecture Formats Background information Practical examples that tie in with the topic Finishing with in class exercises + homework We’ll try to make it simple and easy to follow Home work Home work will be given out during each lecture . Labeled HW1, HW2 … HW30 Home work due on the Tuesday of the following when it was give out. For example: HW1 and HW2 will be due next Tuesday. Grading Grades will be the average of homework + project 1 + project 2 Project 1 at the end of October Project 2 due the first week of December.
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lecture-1-handouts - Introductions Practical Bioinformatics...

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