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9/20/2011 1 Practical Bioinformatics for Life Scientists Week 5, Lecture 9 István Albert Bioinformatics Consulting Center Penn State Genomic Data Visualization Online websites data are also repositories run in a web browser: UCSC , Ensembl , GBrowse Downloadable applications with graphical user interface: IGV , IGB, BamView, Savant, Tablet, GenoViewer, MochiView, SeqMonk, inGAP Installable web applications: Anno-J, JBrowse Towards a “better” genome browser Writing a better genome browser used to be a “rite of passage” There are probably hundreds of applications with various features/applications Visualization is surprisingly complex matter users’ needs diverge and can be mutually exclusive Many are domain specific Tools developed in a lab tend to suit the tasks frequent in that environment. Many include some tools as well: Genome variation IGV ChipSeq MochiView DNA Methylation ChipMonk and SeqMonk Structural variation detection: inGAP (developed at PSU based, Schuster Lab, Illumina IDEA award 2011)
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lecture-9-handouts - 9/20/2011 Genomic Data Visualization...

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