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10/4/2011 1 Practical Bioinformatics for Life Scientists Week 7, Lecture 13 István Albert Bioinformatics Consulting Center Penn State Recent tweets Common Fallacy Data Knowledge The more data one has the smarter they need to be! This is great for us jobs awaiting! The Mythical Man-Month a common belief is that a task completion amount of work / ( people * time ) Seminal book written in 1975 by Fredrick Brooks It is about software engineering but applies to any sufficiently complex task Conclusion the ideal team size is very small 3-5 people, above that Adding more people makes the work complete slower
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10/4/2011 2 A short tour of BedTools 1. modify genomics coordinates 2. find intersection between coordinates 3. merge, subtract and complement intervals 4. extract sequences that correspond to intervals the intersection is by far the algorithmically most difficult task Alter intervals slopBed/flankBed The same with an AWK program The base of every program that manipulates a GFF,
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lecture-13-handouts - Practical Bioinformatics for Life...

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