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Landscaping - Nathan Mazurenko Community Service Homework#2...

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Nathan Mazurenko, Community Service Homework #2, December 11, 2007 Community Service Part 2 I did my community service with Hennessey Landscape Sevices Inc. I worked as a landscaper at Atkinson Park in Newburyport Massachusetts. Landscaping is an activity that I greatly enjoy and something that makes the time just fly by doing it. I work as a landscaper over the summer and I landscape for the community in my free time. Landscaping is my passion so it was a logical choice for my community service. My supervisor was Michael Hennessey and he can be reached at (603) 235- 3939. He is a great man and a great leader. I learned everything I know about landscaping from him and he is the reason that landscaping became my passion. For the community service I did a cleanup at Atkinson Park. A cleanup cosists of raking up all the leaves, cleaning out the beds and basically just making the place look clean and pretty again. Atkinson Park is a very large park and it takes about
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three days to do a complete cleanup. But it is fun and rarely gets frustrating. The people I gave service to was the town of Newburyport. The Park is a public
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