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Karen S. Boyd Rough Draft – Statistics paper 4/13/2002 Olie, Olie, Oxen Free: Is school a ‘Safe’ place for High School Students? In all areas in the study of Education, there is an increasing concern over the impact that school and community violence will have on the student’s academic and psychological well-being. Additionally, sociologists of Education are seeking to understand the achievement gap between students in Public Schools and those who attend private Catholic schools. For this project I am looking at a combination of both of these issues. Specifically, I am interested in the student’s perception of safety within their schools, and the factors that influence such perceptions. Ultimately, I plan to look beyond their perceptions into how their feeling of safety affects their academic achievement. The differences between the perceptions of students in each of the two types of schools being studied will also be addressed. For this project I will be utilizing data from the National Educational Longitudinal Study, Third Follow-up (NELS: 88/94), which studies access and choice issues related to postsecondary education experiences of a national sample of young Americans who were eighth-graders in 1988. NELS: 88/94 collected information on postsecondary education participation, employment, earnings, family formation, and other activities and experiences relevant to individuals as they were about to enter their adult lives. The students were re-contacted in the 10 th grade, the 12 th grade, and two years after graduation from high school. In addition to student questionnaires, parents, teachers and school administrators were also surveyed to provide a complete data set on each student.
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Karen S. Boyd Rough Draft – Statistics paper 4/13/2002 The data I chose to use in this study comes from these student’s responses during their 10 th grade year. The dependent variable I chose was F1s7m; Respondent doesn’t feel safe at this school. The N for this sample was 10,992. Although there were missing responses to a number of the survey questions I chose to use, the number was quite small in comparison to the total N, so listwise deletion was used and the total N for those
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boyddraft - Karen S. Boyd Rough Draft Statistics paper...

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