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ex3_2011 - Sociology 63993 Exam 3 May 10 12 2011 I...

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Sociology 63993 Exam 3 Page 1 S o c i o l o g y 6 3 9 9 3 E x a m 3 M a y 1 0 & 1 2 , 2 0 1 1 I. True-False. (20 points) Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. If false, briefly explain why. 1. If a model fails the Brant test, Manova should be used instead. 2. The probability of an event occurring is .5. This means that the odds of the event occurring are 1. 3. Unlike OLS regression, a Wald test in logistic regression requires that you estimate both the constrained and unconstrained models. 4. A model with reciprocal causation is under-identified. One way to solve the problem is to add other variables from the data set that are totally uncorrelated with the variables that are already in the model. 5. The dependent variable is coded 1 = Catholic, 2 = Protestant, 3 = Jewish, 4 = Muslim, 5 = Other. Because the DV has more than two categories but is not continuous, an ordered logit model is called for. II. Short answer . (25 pts each, 50 pts total). Answer both of the following. II-1. (25 points): The New York Times (4/25/2011) recently reported that “Eve r since Congress passed the federal gender-equity law known as Title IX, universities have opened their gyms and athletic fields to millions of women who previously did not have chances to play. But as women have surged into a majority on campus in recent years, many institutions have resorted to subterfuge to make it look as if they are offering more spots to women.” One of the most questionable practices is that some schools “are counting male practice players as women.” For example, Texas A & M, which recently defeated Notre Dame for the national championship in women’s basketball, reported that it had 32 players on its team, 14 of whom were men. Besides raising concerns about whether schools are trying to dodge their legal obligations under Title IX, some coaches are also wondering whether having male practice players on a team actually affects the team’s success. Therefore, d ata have been gathered on every Division I women’s sports team in the nation. The variables are
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Sociology 63993 Exam 3 Page 2 Variable Description tournament 1 = made the postseason tournament in the team’s sport , 0 = did not make tournament maleplayers 1 = school listed males as part of the women’s team, 0 = school
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