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Unformatted text preview: Homework #8— Structural coefficients/R 2 —Page 1 Soc 63993, Advanced Social Statistics II Homework No. 8 Structural Coefficients/R 2 Problems 1 and 2. The file evilstnd.do will generate the computer runs you need for this problem. Copy it from my web page. (If you want, you can also run evilstnd.sps . It gives similar results, but Stata’s numbers are more accurate than SPSS’s because Stata does a better job of handling weighting correctly.) You will also need to install esttab from SSC if you haven’t already. This program contains two examples (which you will treat as problem 1 and problem 2). In each example, two regressions are run. Indicate what each example tells you about the problems that can arise if you focus on R 2 and on standardized (path) rather than metric (structural) coefficients. Do your best to explain why these problems occur. Here is a copy of evilstnd.do : * Evils of standardization: * This program illustrates problems with the use of standardized * variables and standardized coefficients. * Hypothetical data: a sample of 1200 blacks and 1200 whites. Assume * that equal-sized samples of blacks and whites have been drawn, but...
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hw08 - Homework #8— Structural coefficients/R 2 —Page 1...

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